10 Best Meeting Room Scenes In Movies

Ah, movies. These are the scenes you see on the big screen that’s supposed to depict your everyday life. However, of course, it’s much more interesting. You go to work while the people in the movies go to work too! This means that if you have to go through long hours of meetings, they don’t forget to show it on the big screen. With that, here are some of the best meeting room scenes that you can totally relate to.

The Iron Lady (2011) by Phyllida Lloyd

When you think of meetings, it’s easy to spot a lot of males in the room. It’s not a surprise that only a few female personalities can make it across the boardroom. However, the movie “The Iron Lady” breaks all gender boundaries. In a movie starring Meryl Streep, you can’t really question how great it is. Plus, she was able to bag the 2011 Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in this movie. She played Margaret Thatcher, a movie icon that cannot be forgotten even years after.


Here, she is the formidable former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The scene starts off as a normal meeting. Of course, to highlight patriarchy, in a room filled with men. Thatcher broke all grounds by telling all men that they don’t have the courage to fight for anything. This can be very well attributed to the fact that they never had to fight for anything so hard in their lives. Given that they were men and privileged, while Thatcher, on the other hand, fought her way to be in the place where she was at that moment. Indeed, she deserved that spot in the meeting room. She worked her way to the top because she wasn’t as privileged as they are.


This is a scene that made women empowered – may they be involved in politics or not. It is a scene that made everyone fully aware of what a female leader can do with her power.

Along Came Polly (2004) by John Hamburg

It’s a normal day in the meeting room in this scene taken from the movie “Along Came Polly.” The late Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was portraying Sandy Lyle, gave a persuasive speech on why an uninsured man should definitely get insured. Now, you might have met people in real life who’s trying their hardest to sell you life insurance as if it’s a luxury. However, in this scene, you can see how passionate Hoffman was in persuading everyone to put a value on their lives.


It doesn’t come off as cheap, or it’s just a businessman trying to sell you a product. Instead, it was a motivational speech that brought about applause and cheers from his audience. This only goes to show that a well-delivered speech can, indeed, pursue everyone if it touches both the logic and emotions of the audience.

Robocop (1987) by Paul Verhoeven

When the movie was shot in 1987, it can be said that it’s almost unbelievable to have robots in the workplace. This is, especially, particularly in meeting rooms. Of course, now, we know that this is a possibility. Given that we have mini-robots almost everywhere with us in the forms of our smartphones, computers, tablets, and the like. However, when Ed 209 was introduced to the meeting, everyone’s reaction is initially shocked. Afterward, when Ed 209 was nearing them, almost looking like it’s planning to attack, that’s when everyone in the meeting room felt threatened. What makes this scene stand out from the rest is that Ed 209 was a non-human element that was brought into a formal meeting room. It was introduced as “the future of law enforcement” which makes him what he is – he’s Robocop.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1997) by George Lucas

Now, this might not be the meeting room that you’re well accustomed too. Even if it’s set in space, the movie Star Wars didn’t fail to capture how even cyborgs need to meet and acknowledge their authority too. In a sudden twist of events, Darth Vader’s capability was questioned by Admiral Motti. James Earl Jones, who was the voice of Darth Vader, gave one of the most iconic lines in the movie. He says, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

In a sleek and classy black meeting room (which, at this point, should speak highly of Darth Vader), it’s obvious who’s the boss. The message of the movie is relevant to the corporate world. One is that you shouldn’t just dismiss anyone’s ideas when in a meeting. There’s a reason why everyone’s role is important in the said gathering. Number two is that Darth Vader is indeed powerful. While there’s no chance of seeing a Darth Vader in the corporate world, there’s a huge chance to meet a boss who’s as assertive and authoritarian as he is.

The Sum of All Fears (2002) by Phil Alden Robinson

This meeting room scene has DCI William Cabot (who was played by Morgan Freeman), Senator Jessup, along with their coworkers. This might be just the most relevant meeting yet. As Senator Jessup goes against what DCI Cabot was trying to say, he makes it a point to let Cabot know that everyone has their own opinions. Jessup, then, backed this up by taking his wife’s opinion of him, for example. What seemed to be a professional collaborative meeting turned to be an oversharing event brought about by Jessup. Think about the meetings that you’ve attended to and why this is such a relatable moment. After all, movies reflect what’s happening in real life, right?

These are just some of the best meeting room scenes from iconic movies. The next time you loathe having a meeting, think about how these movie scenes turned out instead. It gives you that comfort knowing that you’re not the only one who feels this way. This, however, can be changed. Make sure that you book the right meeting rooms with us. Take a look at our rooms and see which one you’ll find to be most comfortable with.