A Guide On Setting Up a Small and Effective Meeting Room

Meeting rooms have always been standard. It’s almost the same thing over and over again. There’s a long table that’s enough for everyone, seats that should accommodate the people needed for a meeting and a presenter. However, setting up a meeting room shouldn’t be as simple or as basic. Also, contrary to popular belief, meeting rooms can be small too! If these are too much for you to handle, here are some of the popular meeting rooms that you can rent out.


Having a small meeting room isn’t unusual, especially for smaller businesses or those that are start-ups. You might think that it’s a lot easier to set-up a small meeting room, but this might not be the situation that you will be faced with. With that, here are some steps on how you can set-up a small yet effective meeting room.

The size will not matter

The first thing that you might be worried about is the size. Since there’s just limited space for you to work with, this might restrict you with how you’re going to set-up the place. However, you shouldn’t stress much about it. You should instead focus on how you’re going to make the best out of the space you’re given with. There are a lot of meeting room table variations that you can take a look at and consider. So before anything else, keep yourself grounded by focusing on the task you have on hand. Everything else should follow suit!


However, before anything else, it’s important to consider the space and its area. This will help in the proper placements of all other

Go for round or oval tables

Rectangular tables are almost the go-to main furniture for meeting rooms. But science suggests that round or oval tables are the best, especially when it comes to filling out smaller spaces. Without the blunt corners of a rectangular meeting room table, the oval-shaped table accommodates just about everyone.


Maximizing the space isn’t the only advantage that you’ll get from this. Removing the corners will also make everyone in the room feel like they’re equal. While it’s always good to recognize authority, it won’t hurt to make everyone feel welcome in the discussion. This allows a steady stream of ideas, and there’s room for collaboration. If your meeting’s agenda focuses on brainstorming or idea generation, then a round table will definitely help improve the communication between everyone involved.

Whiteboards are a must

You might think that getting a whiteboard may not be a necessity. Thanks to the advancements in technology, it’s as if everything can easily be jotted down and shared between team members in an instant. But before these technologies came about, only primitive ways of writing down exists. Illustrating ideas using whiteboards is a larger version of jotting down notes on pen and paper.


The advantage of having a whiteboard is that everyone can see what’s being written down. At the same time, it’s a lot easier to visualize flowcharts. Therefore, before you completely skip on the idea of getting a whiteboard, it’s best that you carefully consider it. Besides, the addition of it will definitely be nothing but beneficial to everyone.

It should have the right equipment

The thing about meetings is that it can go all day. This is the reason why it’s important that meeting rooms have everything that’s a necessity on the premises right away. By doing so, it completely eradicates the unnecessary movements of people just to get the needed equipment as well as the lags and dead time that may be encountered just because the facility is lacking equipment.


Even if you’re working with a small meeting room, it’s important that you make sure that it is well-equipped with the right A/V systems and software. This might be a simple thing to do, but it definitely increases the productivity and focus of everyone included.


Before purchasing any equipment, you should first know what may be the incessant needs of the company. Say, a teleconference is usually handled in the meeting room. With this then, it’s important to get a fully functioning video conferencing camera. While a webcam can do the job, it won’t be as clear to everyone. Hence, investing in a smart camera is a good move.


A good video conference camera is one thing; it’s another to have the right software for it. With this, it’s important to have the right software plan for a more productive meeting.


A sound system, complete with a microphone and sound speakers, is also optional. You can decide whether or not you’ll get this. Again, this should always depend on your needs. Since you’re working with a small meeting room, it may not be a necessity. However, having a back-up won’t hurt.

An HD Smart TV

You might say that high definition Smart TV won’t be a necessity. But it really is, especially if you have team members working at a location outside of your meeting room. In this way, they will be more involved, and everyone in the room can see and hear them clearly. A smart TV will also be helpful in projecting presentations. This will be a better investment compared to a projector.

It should have the right equipment

Today, almost everything can be done on or with the help of the Internet these days. Even the majority of businesses and companies operate everything on their network. Of course, this won’t be possible without the help of a strong and reliable internet connection. Gone are the days when web-access is completely restricted to employees as it may affect their productivity. While this is still applicable today, there are only some limitations imposed on the usage. After that, it”s safe to expect that everything that needs to be done will need an internet connection.


Your connection will also integrate every piece of technology that you’ve put in. This should power your team’s laptops, phones, smart TV’s, and video conference devices. It’s also important that you put emphasis on how fast and reliable the internet connection is. A sloppy and slow one will just be the source of your problems. So, if you are to get one, it’s better to get the fastest plan available that’s suitable for your needs.


This is how you can achieve a small yet effective meeting room. These are the things that you will just have to add to make sure that everything that’s going to be fine.