Best Meeting Room Scenes in “The Office”

Most TV series show aims to reflect what’s happening in the viewer’s everyday life. While some shows have achieved this, only The Office was able to depict a whole lot about the happenings in the life of a corporate employee. It makes the viewers, including us, for sure, more attached to the show since it’s a tad more relatable and close to what’s happening in real life.


Of course, what would a typical office day be without a meeting? Dunder Mifflin’s meeting room, which is also famously known as their conference room, is where the typical meeting scenarios happen. The only difference that we’ve noticed is that it seems like when everyone is in this room, only a few stuff gets done. The meeting room has seen dozens of activities and seminars, but other than that, have we really seen enough?


Well, that’s probably what makes The Office so interesting. While it’s still based on the typical everyday life of an employee, it’s still humorous and entertaining to watch. With that, here are some of the best scenes in The Office’s Dunder Mifflin’s meeting room.

The Rushed Powerpoint Presentation

Who doesn’t rush a Powerpoint presentation? While there may be some of you out there who’s making it a point to have it spot on, you really can’t blame others who would like to procrastinate themselves. However, procrastination isn’t the only excuse that most employees have. Like in this episode, Michael takes up a second job to cope with Jan’s irresponsible spending. This left Michael to be very busy and fazed with his responsibilities at work. All for the name of extra income. Of course, when your mind is somewhere else, you can expect that they won’t be able to focus on a certain task. This is exactly what happened to Michael. He was unprepared for a PowerPoint presentation, causing him to just wing it. It’s truly a relatable scene because who doesn’t come unprepared for a presentation and just tried to wing it themselves?

The Bouncing DVD Logo

Again, another relatable content from The Office. Remember when DVD was still at large? Yes, that was way back before streaming services were the king. So when there’s no DVD loaded into the equipment, the screen will go idle, causing the DVD logo to fly around, bump on the side of the screens, and will change colours.


In this scene, everyone seemed like they were absolutely fixated on Michael’s report. It almost had everyone fooled until the DVD video logo was focused on the screen. Then comes in an explanation of how it hits the corner of the screen, and that the employees were just waiting for it to bump exactly at the right corner. Everyone’s reactions had Michael fooled, thinking that it was because of the contents of his report. Luckily, the viewers knew what these reactions were. The key takeaway from this? We’re glad to know that we’re not the only one who waited for the same exact moment.

Michael's Disposition

In this scene, Michael was supposed to be a witness against Dunder Mifflin’s wrongful termination of Jan. As if it’s not complicated enough that Jan was Michael’s former boss AND current girlfriend. Can you imagine just testifying as a witness for the company whom you work for and yet wrongfully fired your girlfriend? One thing’s for sure, though, we’re glad that we weren’t in Michael’s position during this. Can you imagine how nerve-racking that incidence is?


Well, it seemed like this got into Michael’s head too. When he was being read back the transcript of his deposition, nothing made sense. So, the next time you think of dating someone in your company, make sure that you think twice about it first!

The Merge's Orientation Video

It’s not an uncommon event that there will be two or more office branches merging because one was brought by the other. This was what happened in The Office, too, when the Stamford branch merged with the Scranton branch of the famous Dunder Mifflin.


Since there’s a big difference in work culture and ethics, employees would need to be oriented and realigned just so everyone is on the same page. This is exactly what happened in this scene. Michael prepared an orientation video. But of course, he made it with his own twist. The video was based on SNL’s skit Lazy Sunday. He also named it “Lazy Scranton” to pay tribute to where he got the idea came from.

A Game of Murder Mystery

Now, this might not be the proper way of how bosses should react to a big company financial loss. Given that this is Dunder Mifflin and that Michael is in-charge, you can see how the twist of events would unfold. In this episode, the company’s been in trouble for some financial issues. To ease everyone’s minds, Michael decided that it’s the perfect time for a murder mystery game. The twist is that everyone must speak with a southern accent.

While it’s safe to say that it’s a weird coping mechanism to such happenings, everyone’s minds were taken off the situation for quite some time. It might not be the solution that you’ve been accustomed to when your company hits a big iceberg. But at least, Michael achieved his goal!

These are just some of the best meeting room scenes in “The Office.” Again, it goes to show that the people we see on TV shows go through the same things you go through every single day. Of course, theirs have a little bit of crazy twists and all. However, it’s safe to say that there are, indeed, a lot of things that can happen inside a meeting room. It’s not just solely talking about the business and the company. Rather, it’s more of a common area wherein you can interact and learn more about or from your colleagues.

With this said, if you’re looking forward to booking a meeting room, schedule a call with us! We have meeting rooms that you can book that will be just right for your needs.