Guide to Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens is a 160-year-old tropical yard that is just one of the country’s sites. It contains a wide range of gardening and also agricultural tourist attractions which belong to Singapore’s rich society and background.


An Agri-Horticultural Society started th6e Botanic Gardens in 1859. It occupies a location of 82 hectares and is residence to more than 10,000 plant types. Henry Nicholas Ridley, the Gardens’ first clinical director, launched the farming of rubber at the start of the 20th century. It ended up being a success and made the area one of the world’s top manufacturers of rubber.


Starting as a decorative garden with a tiny zoo, roads, terraces and a band area, it has expanded to be the globe’s most visited Gardens (approximately 4.5 million site visitors every year). Singapore Botanic Gardens is a UNESCO Globe Heritage site-a status that puts in the very same classification with the similarity the Great Wall of China and also Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.

What to see at the Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens is no normal garden. Apart from being house to countless plant types, it is a significant leisure area that attracts both citizens as well as immigrants. It’s also a leading centre for research study on horticulture as well as ecology. Below are some tourist attractions you will certainly discover at the Botanic Gardens:

The Rainforest

The small tropical rain forest covers an area of 6 hectares as well as is really older than the Gardens. It is within the city limitations and also enhances the Gardens natural look. It is likewise home to numerous animal species.

National Orchid Garden

This is the Botanic Garden’s piece de resistance. There are over 1,000 orchid species and around 2,000 orchid hybrids in a 3-hectare part of the Gardens. Various tourist attractions host these orchids, such as the Orchidarium (all-natural varieties), VIP Orchid garden (hybrid orchids), and also Burking Hall (a colonial vineyard Bungalow).


An intriguing truth to note is that Vanda Miss Joaquim, a crossbreed climbing orchid, is Singapore’s nationwide flower.

Jacob Ballas Kid's Yard

According to the National Parks Board, this is the initial youngsters’ yard in Asia. It was named after the late Jacob Ballas, a Jewish-Singaporean that was its main donor. It occupies the north part of the Gardens. Several of the children’s attractions include a maze, water play area, tree-houses with slides, and a playground.

Ginger Yard

The 1-hectare Ginger Garden sits next to the National Orchid Yard. As the name suggests, it is home to different types of the ginger household. Within this yard is an attractive falls and also a dining establishment (Halia dining establishment).


There are also academic displays for the children, for instance, one that describes just how photosynthesis happens. The children’s garden likewise has a visitor centre and a coffee shop. It’s most definitely a location you should take your children when you see.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum

This is another wonderful view at the Botanic Gardens. It was integrated in 1921 and also used to be the lab as well as the workplace of Eric Holttum, its supervisor at the time. It consists of a vast selection of artefacts as well as exhibits which show the Gardens’ background. For example, you’ll learn more about just how the garden played a significant function in guaranteeing that sugar palm, orchids and also rubber market flourished in Singapore.


The Singapore Botanic Gardens likewise has three lakes: Swan Lake, Eco-lake, and also Symphony Lake. The Shaw Foundation Harmony Phase lies near Harmony Lake, where shows are usually hung on weekends. The Singapore Chamber Orchestra and also the Chinese Symphony Orchestra performs here periodically. Swan Lake is renowned for its varied marine life. It was named after the mute swans from Amsterdam which move its waters effortlessly.


If you ever before consider delight in a weekend break or getaway surrounded by lush plants and also a serene ambience, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is your destination. It’s suggested that you see in the mornings or evenings when the temperatures aren’t high. The Botanic Gardens is usually open from 5 AM to midnight.


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