How to Plan an Efficient Training Room Layout

The emphasis that should be given on trainings and seminars shouldn’t be dismissed. Organizations, companies, schools, and other similar institutions really take the time to organize one for their members, employees, staff, and personnel. Indeed, trainings, whatever their nature may be, are a great way to supplement the capabilities and learnings of the individual. With that said, there are three important factors that should be set when organizing a training program. These are the attendees, the program proper, and the venue itself.


As the organizer, you should know who will be the people you’re going to invite for the said training. Your attendees will be the huge chunk of the success of the whole event. The program is also a great deal that you should really focus on. Without it, having a successful training won’t be possible. Lastly, the training venue. This should be the easiest to knock off. However, you should ensure that the training room that you are to get is best suited for your agenda. Here are some ways on how you can plan an efficient training room layout.

Know the size of the room you’ll need

Before booking a training room, make sure that you have at least an estimate of how many people will attend. This is a very important step since you will be basing the area of the training room you will get on the number of attendees. Of course, the more attendees that you are expecting, the bigger the training room should be. No one wants to attend an overcrowded training event as this just won’t be comfortable. Also, it’s not nice to have such a huge space, especially if there’s just only a few attendees. The key here is you should balance it out. Thus, giving importance to knowing the approximate number of participants before booking a training room. It is suggested that the optimal area for training to be effective will have to be at least 15 to 17 square feet per attendee. This should be enough area for a person to move around and yet still be comfortable in the place.

Check the physical facilities

To have successful training, you should first make sure that the facilities of the training room will provide you and your attendees the comfort that they need to have. This will help them focus more on the training itself rather than worrying about other things. A training room should be effective if it is well-ventilated. It should at least have the proper HVAC facilities installed to make sure that everyone in the room will be comfortable enough no matter what the season is. Besides, the last thing that you want to happen is for the attendees to complain about how hot or cold it is. Thus, the controls for these appliances should be accessible within the room to prevent any possible interruptions.

Space should be well-lit

For a training room to be effective, it should be well-lit. It is almost a given fact that most trainings can go on for several hours up to days. That is how invested institutions can be. This is why proper lighting is important for all training rooms. For this, you can think of a training event as a place of learning. That’s the whole point of having training anyway. Now, just like in school, it’s important that the students are actively participating in the lessons. You should also apply the same principle to a training event for it to be successful. To do this, the whole place should be well-lit. Proper lighting can prevent everyone from feeling sleepy, especially if the temperature in the room is a bit low, and so much time had passed. A well-lit room can greatly influence the participants’ alertness and level of participation.

In some cases, however, the lights will need to be dimmed. This usually happens when there is a presentation to be flashed on the screen. Of course, if all lights are turned on with its maximum luminosity, people won’t be able to see what’s being flashed. With this, then, it’s important that the lights can be dimmed. Not completely off, but just dim enough for the presentations to be seen clearly by everyone.

Equipped with the proper A/V systems

A training room won’t be complete without the proper audio and visual systems. It won’t matter if you’re hosting a training session for a small group or a big one. Whatever the size of your crowd is, it’s really important to get the right A/V equipment.


Audio systems should be set in place for everyone to hear what the speaker is saying. Given that the purpose of the event is for training, it’s most likely that a speaker or lecturer will be imparting his knowledge and expertise about a certain topic. To convey this properly to the audience, there must be a perfectly functioning audio system. Visual systems like projectors, screens, and high-definition television will also help in making this happen. Now, this is something that cannot just be passed on. It’s not a matter that should be taken lightly and be compromised. In fact, the huge chunk of the sucess of your training will greatly depend on how well the A/V equipment is performing.


You should ensure that the audio systems, from the microphone up until the speakers, are working fine. The distance of the microphone and speakers should also be quite far enough to avoid feedback. Sound feedbacks can be quite a bit irritating and distracting for some participants. A soundcheck should also be set in place before the start of the event to make sure that everything is going to be fine.


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