Meeting Room Colour Palettes To Boost Creativity

Gone are the days where offices are plain and boring. Apparently, that’s not the trend now. Offices, particularly meeting rooms, have changed so much over the years. There are no more basic long tables and black swivel chairs occupying the rooms and cubicles. If you’re looking for meeting rooms like these, click here. However, as much as possible, companies – may it be startups or established names – are trying their best to steer clear from the conventional black and white design.


Google, especially its office in Zurich, is one of the most popular offices in the world that has a great design. Of course, this should include the meeting rooms that come with it. However, there are also some other offices that do this too. For example, Slack’s headquarters in Los Angeles is inspired by the planet Earth. Here, you can find that each floor is designed after a different region of a certain location. Such locations are the Pacific Crest Trail, Pacific Northwest, and Southern California. This includes not only the mainlands but the deserts, forests, and mountains, as well. For this, the business software company focuses more on earth tones. This means that the prominent colours you’ll see are brown, gray, green, and blue. These colours have been known to boost the creativity of employees significantly.

Colour's Effect on Mental Performance

It’s alright to feel a bit skeptical about this because, in reality, it’s easy to dismiss the fact that colours don’t affect us at all. However, aside from the sound of the waves, there’s also a reason why lounging at the beach is a very relaxing thing to do. Yes, it’s the colour of the sky and the sea. Blue is a colour that’s known to affect individuals in a way that makes them calm.

Red Promotes Attention to Detail

Several studies suggest that if you want your employees or team members to feel like they need to do a job urgently, it’s best to go with a red meeting room colour. The colour red increases the heart rate, and therefore affecting an individual’s alertness as well. It’s also known to affect people in such a way that it makes them focus on detailed-oriented tasks. Try painting your meeting rooms with this colour or just make the colour stand out through the furniture and other accessories. You’ll notice a significant change in how your people will take such tasks more seriously yet effectively. While most bosses are a bit hesitant to use this colour since it’s a bold one that tends to scream the word “authority” in it, it can’t be denied that the colour grabs attention very easily. There’s a way to address this, and that is by balancing how the bosses or higher-ups are going to deal with their employees. On top of that, a red-coloured meeting room should say nothing else but strength and power.

Blue To Stimulate Ideas

So, you and your team might be planning for a big project. Or maybe generating new ideas is what keeps the business alive. If this is the case, then it’s best to have a blue-coloured or themed room. Again, everything doesn’t have to be painted blue. This can be as simple as having wall-to-floor length windows that will highlight the blue skies. Paintings, chairs, long tables, and other accessories may have some hints of blue in them too. In contrast to the colour red, blue offers a relaxing and soothing feeling too. But you don’t want to get overboard. It should be enough for you to be able to stimulate ideas from your team members.


This is also the main reason why it’s such a popular hue for schools, hospitals, and bedrooms. The colour does not only makes the individual comfortable, but it also stimulates the brain for new ideas. In some sense, after a bit of relaxation and when all the stress goes away, it’s where ideas come in so much better. The best and the most creative of all deas don’t come when people are pressured. These usually come when the mind is relaxed and at ease.


So, if you need great ideas from your team, make sure to fill the room with all sorts of blue.

Green Balances Mood and Promotes Harmony

Another colour that should improve creativity in the workplace, particularly in meeting rooms, is green. This is to no surprise, given that almost everything around us is in this colour. Like blue, it’s a colour that can be found in nature. Again, think of the last time you’ve been to the woods and just appreciated how wonderful the colours are. For sure, it’s the lustful shade of green that was able to induce a relaxing feeling for you. However, if you’re unsure about this, know that green is a colour that’s indeed easy to look at.

While blue tends to calm people down, green rejuvenates their feeling. This is also the main reason why it feels refreshing after a walk in the woods or even by just gardening. This should be the primary colour in your meeting room if you would want your team members to think really carefully and produce great results from this idea. This induces both the balance in the stream of creativity and output as well. At the same time, this is also the colour you’ll want to be surrounded by when there are big decisions to be made. This is because the colour helps in maintaining harmony in the moods and mental thinking of everyone in the room.

Also, if your meeting is going to take long hours and everyone is going to be stuck in the same room, then this colour will definitely help lighten everyone’s moods.


These are the three colours that will ultimately boost an individual’s performance. The colours red, blue, and green, especially when painted and placed in meeting rooms, will definitely show a significant increase in creativity among staff members. While the colours aren’t simply limited to these, these are the easiest ones to achieve. These colours aren’t that bold enough, but, at the same time, these are not too basic like the traditional black and white office meeting rooms.