How Modern Training Rooms Can Bring Our Creativity and Collaboration Among Members

Meetings and trainings have always been around since the dawn of business corporations. Or it may even go beyond it as it may not have necessarily been termed as meetings yet. All that people know is that there is an avenue in which people get together to talk about a certain issue. It doesn’t even have to be strictly for work purposes. It can be as simple as a group of friends discussing a pressing issue.


Along with the onset and rise of technology, times have indeed changed. This includes the way people do meetings. Today, meetings, may it be for business purposes or for personal uses, can be done over the Internet. It removes the human-to-human interaction between all the parties involved. However, communication is still present, and this makes the meeting still a successful one.


The problem with purely online meetings is that it removes the power of human touch and presence. On the other hand, with the strong influence of globalization, it cannot be denied that remote meetings or telephone conferences should also be accommodated. It is because of this that smart conferences were established. These are the kind of meetings which are still handled in a physical meeting room, although this time, it’s backed up by technology. With that, here are some of the ways how smart meetings revolutionized the way people meet.

Not everyone has to be in the same room

Smart trainings have, indeed, revolutionized the game of how people meet. The great thing about it is that not everyone who’s supposed to attend the meeting is physically in the meeting room. They can be somewhere else like another state or country, but still, be involved. According to a report by Gallup, almost 43% of the employees in the United States have managed to at least work from home every now and then. What was once seen as a form of luxury when it comes to the workplace can not be seen as a standard for some offices.


With smart meetings, you can’t expect a meeting to be canceled or moved to a later date just because a team member is somewhere else. Worse comes to worst, other employees who weren’t able to make it in time can call in just so they can catch the whole agenda to be discussed in the meeting. With just these attendance and punctuality issues alone, there will be no more reason for someone not to be able to make it to the meeting.

Removes the hassle, everyone stays focused on the task at hand

With the help of easy-to-use technology, meetings are now a lot more bearable to do for its attendees. This is if the training room is equipped with fully functional technologies. While it can be understood that there might be some birthing pains for the process, it will depend on the training room technologies that you’re going to use. A famous technology is the Microsoft Surface Hub 25. It addresses the problem of how attendees can focus on what’s being taught or discussed to them. This technology enables everyone to wirelessly connect across multiple devices. As a result, attendees will have to be able to understand the system better, and everything they need is right there at their fingertips. Of course, less time spent on such hassle and distraction will turn into more time for creativity and focus.

It keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest trends

The thing about trainings and meetings nowadays is that the people involved in it comes from all sorts of ages. While the majority of the workforce is within the range of middle to old age, newcomers are also becoming a huge part of the workforce. It cannot be denied that technology has been, indeed, a vital role in everyone’s lives. While it is most likely that the fresh graduates or mid-twenties to mid-thirties employees are very much familiar with these types of technologies, it’s also more likely that the older generations are not. However, this shouldn’t completely be the reason why companies should pass on smart methods of trainings and meetings. Whatever the situation is, technology will always be embedded in our lives from this day forwards. There’s really no going back. Thus, integrating it with how you conduct your trainings will surely keep everyone in tune.

It introduces everyone to a new environment

Trainings are an important matter for companies and institutions. It doesn’t matter whether or not these are large companies or small ones. As long as they have employees and team members, these people would need extended and continuing knowledge. Everything learned in the training and seminar, then, can be applied – whether directly or indirectly – to their functions. In this way, the company can benefit from giving knowledge through a series of trainings to its people.



No one wants to be stuck in the same routine over and over again. Even if the employees don’t ask it, one of the benefits that they will truly appreciate is added skills that they can have for a lifetime. With smart training sessions, they are not only being exposed to new learnings and skills that they can adapt. They, too, are exposed to the technologies that the company or institution have let them use.


Basically, these people aren’t just sitting in front of the computer, meeting the key point objectives, and indices that they have to do for the month. They, too, need supplementary skills that will make them feel more humane and involved in the company, rather than just someone who’s stuck at the same task every day for five days a week. In the end, these people will certainly have more knowledge, especially when it comes to the use of different technologies involved in the workplace, and can inspire creativity and collaboration among themselves and within their departments.


These are just some of the ways how modern training and meeting rooms can bring out creativity among the members involved. Indeed, technology can change how people think and react to things. Even more so, they are empowered when they learn something new and this can directly affect your company in ways that you weren’t able to imagine. If you’re looking forward to book a training room that’s well equipped with these technologies, give us a call!