Must-Have Equipment and Fixtures In A Meeting Room

Who doesn’t love going to meetings? Well, if you’ve been used to doing this in a meeting room that bores you, then it might be understandable for you to feel that way. The question is: what makes a meeting room an effective one? Or at least a place wherein the employees and staff would feel welcome for this kind of work. The answer to this is simple, although it may take a lot of work. However, if you’re looking for one, here are the meeting rooms that we have to offer.


A meeting room should not just be a plain and old boring place wherein people can convene. It should be upbeat and good enough to stimulate ideas from individuals. It should have no less than almost everything that everyone will need to get the job done. It’s also a known fact that meetings can do for such long hours. It is also an avenue wherein people should focus on the situation at hand. To do this, there are needed fixtures and equipment that you will need to fill the room with. With that, here are the things that a meeting room should have.

Whiteboards with pens

Thanks to the advancement in technology, it’s easy to pass on having a whiteboard. However, it’s still important to have one in a meeting room. A whiteboard will be an effective tool for you to use during meetings to further illustrate what you’re looking forward to conveying. Especially when it comes to planning and getting ideas from everybody, having a whiteboard can also be a blank canvass for you to write on. It should also come with pens, too! Lots of them because you’ll never know when one will run out or when you’ll need several people to write on the board all at the same time.


It’s extremely important for a meeting room to have a projector. After all, there are things that are needed to be presented to everyone. While it’s not extremely convenient to present just by using a laptop while showing it to everyone, a projector will definitely do the work. Comparing the size of the screen where the projector is going to be flashing on to the laptop screen itself, there is an unmistakable difference between it. Even if you are to say that the meeting should only be comprised of 3 to 5 people, a better projector view should always be a priority. After all, the last thing that you would want to have is for your audience to not be completely focused on whatever’s showing.

Functioning audio and visual equipment

This equipment set should include televisions or projectors, speakers, and microphone. These three A/V equipment should all be found in the meeting room. The television may also be used as a screen, and if it is a Smart TV, it can also be used for video conferences. On the other hand, the speakers can amplify whatever sound is flashing on the screen and TV, which makes it a lot easier for everyone to be included in the current narrative. A microphone can also be deemed useful, especially in meetings with a lot of people, or should the speaker have a soft tone. When buying such equipment, it’s important to go for the best one there is in the market. It is still, after all, an investment. Also, given that these are extremely useful for meeting rooms, it’s important to go for manufacturers and brands of such equipment that are reliable and durable.

Lights directly above the table

Meetings can indeed last for a long time. Humans have a certain attention span, and it varies individually. It can go as short as 15 minutes to as long as an hour or two. Beyond that, the brain will start wondering. Most of the time, when meetings can get so long, it saturates the brain. This is most especially true in dim situations. Coupled with the fact that meeting rooms can get cold, this can definitely affect the mental state of your teammates. This is where the important function of a light that’s located right above the meeting room table comes in handy. It’s not only there to provide ample lighting just so everyone can see. It should also be strategically placed right above their heads to provide adequate luminosity to keep their minds open. In the end, an employee with an open and attentive mind can contribute so much more.

Cables and cords

Nothing else can delay a meeting without the right cables and cords. This is a bit tricky situation to deal with since the cords for devices vary from one to the other. Apple has several types of cables for its products, and Android has different sets too. So there isn’t exactly a universal cord or cable that you can have. However, there are some that provide the flexibility to connect one to the other. Most offices underestimate how important it is to have the right cords and cables. While presenters can bring their own cords, which will ensure that the device that they have will be working properly, it’s not exactly the real situation. It is an ideal one, yes, but most people forget to bring the right cords. This is why having these in a meeting room will definitely be a lifesaver. Plus, you don’t have to delay your meetings anymore just because you’re finding the right cable for the device to function.

Coffee Maker

Of course, who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee in a loaded meeting? It’s almost safe to assume that everyone in your office will need a cup of coffee to boost them up. This is why having a coffee maker in your meeting room will definitely change up everyone’s mood. You’ll notice this, especially during the early morning, after lunch, or even in late evening meetings. Coffee, thanks to the caffeine in it, should be able to give your staff the temporary boost that they’ll need to get through another meeting day.


These are just six of the many things that are considered to be essential for meeting rooms. If you’re looking forward to booking one, you can check out our meeting rooms for rent! It’s well assured that you and your team will definitely get the hang of working in an environment like the ones that we have.