Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo, commonly described as the Mandai Zoo sits on a big rainforest setting as well as covers a location of 64 acres (26 hectare). It houses more than 2500 pets from a possible 315 types.


The building and construction of 50 units in 1971 was the initial step in the creation of the zoo. The government of Singapore moneyed the task with a give of $9million. It took two years to finish the project. The units’ one-of-a-kind layouts improved the zoo’s reputation worldwide.


The zoo’s preferred ‘open principle’ enables site visitors to experience and obtain inspiration from the fantastic creations. It might not be much fun to see dissatisfied pets caged as well as some constrained in the glass panel. At Singapore Zoo, the system is freehold; pets are kept in large landscaped areas.

Tourist attractions at the Singapore Zoo

  • Rainforest Resist Show

    In this program, pets give birth to exactly how deforestation damages their residences. You will certainly see serpents, monkeys, the otter, macaws and also lemurs showcase their fantastic capabilities. They’ll reveal you exactly how to conserve the rainforest.

  • Ah Meng (Sumatran Orangutan).

    Though the animal died in February 2008 at age 48, she is still celebrated with the bronze statuary at the zoo. She was saved from smugglers in 1971 as well as moved to the Singapore Zoo. This made her become the face of the zoo as well as she’s commonly featured in shows, articles as well as tourist adverts.

  • Tram Ride.

    Check out the park with the led tram ride excursion. You will certainly enjoy succinct narrations regarding animals as well as exhibits. Guests in mobility devices are not excluded as some of the trams have slots to fit wheelchairs.

  • Wild Animal Carousel.

    The slide carousel is rather appealing considering that it was created in the classic design. It permits you to enjoy a trip upon pets. These animals consist of rhinos, tigers as well as the dinosaurs.
  • Elephants at Work Program.

    This is a spectacular presentation entailing the gigantic elephants and their mahouts. You will see just how elephants utilize their remarkable strength while performing different tasks. A lot of the jobs require a great deal of intelligence (near to human intellect) however the elephants manage them effortlessly.

  • Sprinkle Safari Program.

    Enjoy the high-energy Californian sea lions delighting in a crazy and wet time. They mischievously make a sprinkle and also gracefully move on water. They’ll undoubtedly tickle your funny bone as they balance a round on their noses.

  • Rainforest Kidzworld.

    Around, there are plenty of water slides. Youngsters will certainly glide and also splash to cool off. Also, there is the Friend Barn where youngsters can engage freely with pets. They’ll fulfill the rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats.

Main displays at the zoo

  • Treetops Trail.

    Right from the start, this immersive experience ushers you to the zoo. A neighboring boardwalk allows you to see the siamangs discovered in the trees. All along, white-faced saki monkeys, cotton-top tamarins as well as free-range brownish lemurs border you.

  • Reptile Yard.

    Marvel at the many species of snakes shown in the serpent residence. You’ll be impressed by the reticulated pythons as well as the deadly rattlesnakes. Likewise, you can stroll in the middle of the gigantic turtles and the Komodo dragon.

  • Icy Tundra.

    Below, the celebrity is the polar bear– called Inuka. He’s taken into consideration the very first polar bear ever birthed in the tropics. You will certainly see him play in an ice-cold cave that assists to maintain him cool down. The Wolverine as well as the raccoon dog (great environment pets) join him in the play.

  • Ethiopia’s Great Break Valley.

    The valley is recreated at the Zoo. It includes the banded mongoose, the hamadryas baboons and the Nubian ibex. These animals are housed amongst the tribal towns of Ethiopia. You will certainly learn more about the lives of Ethiopia’s villagers.

  • Wild Africa.

    In this section, you will explore the wild animals of the savanna. Your favourites such as the giraffes, meerkats, cheetahs, warthogs, zebras, white rhinoceros, and lions wander about. It feels so practical; like you were right in Africa.

Exactly how do you navigate the zoo?

You can discover the zoo at a much more kicked back rate making use of the tram trip. For juniors, the electrical scooter is likewise suitable. The baby stroller can be used to push the toddlers, and also the wagon to pull youngsters who obtain tired of walking. For the liked ones that have restricted wheelchair, you can get the wheelchair.

You might have been to many zoos across the world, yet admittedly, Singapore Zoo uses a customized experience with the pets. Also, the attractions are an unique method to experience nature without necessarily seeing it in the wild. After this, you may want to see more attractions, then go ahead and visit Singapore City Gallery.

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